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fertan  provides the simple and safe way to treat and remove rust and corrosion from steel and iron.

Long term test results and many years of practical experience show the process is better than shot blasting.

Our range of products will remove corrosion and provide long term protection.

Fertan Rust Converter can make your vehicle rust free.  After that use your coatings or ours to provide the surface finish you require.          Vehicle protection projects



Structural and architectural steel:  Fertan Rust Converter is the appropriate way to deal with corroded iron or corroded steel in or on buildings. 

              Structural steel projects







Steel yachts, Dutch Barges, narrow boats, fishing boats and shipping: 

Fertan Rust Converter will deal well with the hardest challenge and return any and all of these to a rust free, protected surface.

        Marine projects



Rebar protection:  Rust blows the concrete away from its reinforcing.  Treat the reinforcing steel with Fertan and solve the problem

Wrought iron and sculpture:  Fertan Rust Converter will provide a rust free surface.

Everything else:  We have the products to prevent and recover from corrosion.  Whatever the problem we've probably already tackled it.

The pages on this site may provide the information you need.  But we would be interested to discuss the particular corrosion problem that you have so please telephone or email us.

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