Structural and architectural steel

Projects we've been involved in vary in size from treating 40,000 sq. mtr. for Krupp to 3 sq. mtr. at a local church.

Architectural            St. Georges Hall     Built in the 1850's this superb
                                     building has many thousands of iron staples between
                                     the stone blocks that make up its walls.
                                     Mowlem and  Purcell Miller Tritton, working in
                                     collaboration with Cameron UK Services
                                     evaluated the products available and chose Fertan
                                     to protect the staples.
                                     My St. George's     Purcell Miller Tritton
                                     St. George's Hall 

                                    Kirstall Abbey.   Slightly older, built in 1152.  Elements
                                    of the building's structure are aided by iron that has
                                    corroded.  Purcell Miller Tritton are working with Lang
                                    O'Rourke Ltd. carrying out works to provide a  long term
                                    solution using Fertan rust converter

Building works        Victoria Mills conversion to 100+ apartments.
                                     How to  treat 300+ floor to ceiling cast iron windows.
                                    Victoria Mill

                                    Courtlands Road Industrial Estate  Steel framed
                                     buildings in re-build.