Vehicle protection

Our range of products contains everything necessary to allow you to produce and maintain a rust free vehicle.  Equally we are happy for our products to be used in conjunction with those of other manufacturers.  Once you have the rust free surface created by Fertan Rust Converter or Fedox Rust Remover you can use any reliable products without concern.

As we supply market leading products we offer a money back guarantee to any user for any product.

Motor vehicles       Mini, Ron and Elaine's vehicle progresses. Mini  

                                   Aston Martin  The engine bay returns to normal.
                                    Aston Martin

                                   Porsche 356   Rust and cavity wax treatment.
                                    Porsche 356

                                   Tanks. These come in two flavours, active and memorial.
                                   We are pleased that Bovington Tank Museum use our

                                   I'm pleased that we are lightly  associated with the static
                                   Sherman Tank that stands by Slapton Sands as a
                                   memorial to the soldiers and sailors who died during
                                   Operation Tiger just prior to D Day.  Now also something of
                                   a memorial to the  late Ken Small who's persistence
                                   uncovered the hidden story.