Ferpox is a high performance one part epoxy primer.  It is designed to be quick drying and provide extremely high levels of protection for all surfaces against corrosion.  Ferpox is lead and chromate free.

Ferpox can also be used for general protection on surfaces such as wood and cement.

It is ideal for use after Fertan Rust Converter but Fertan Rust Converter can be overpainted with any protection and finishing coats of your choice.

In vehicle applications Ferpox can be used in all areas to provide long term corrosion protection.  If you are doing a top quality job then it makes an ideal mid coat with Fertan Rust Converter beneath it and UBS 220 underbody wax applied on top.

In marine applications it is particularly useful on steel boats.  Ferpox will perform very well both inside and outside the hull.

Application is by brush, roller or spray

Standard colour is middle grey, RAL 7016.  Coating thickness is normally 60 microns.  Matt surface   We will make other colours if required with a minimum quantity of 4000 litres.

Shelf life is in excess of 12 months