2 pack Epoxy

Protection for metal in extreme conditions

Tapox is a two part epoxy that gives outstanding protection in the harshest conditions.

A primary objective in its design was to provide a fuel proof coating that could be used to coat the inside of petrol and diesel tanks.  Both old and new tanks benefit from a Tapox coating.  As lead is no longer added to petrol all metal tanks are subject to attack.

In a vehicle renovation situation then the best approach is:

        Degrease tank
        Lead fill any significant holes
        Degrease inside of tank again
        Treat with Fertan rust converter to convert any rust and put an inert
                        rust free coating on the inside of the tank.
        Treat with Tapox.

Tapox's other uses are for treating steel in the extreme conditions.  Tapox will protect surfaces in extremes of weather, temperature, pollution, general service conditions or chemical environment.  Please contact us to discuss the situation you are trying to resolve.