Hand Cleansing
Heavy duty moisturizing hand-cleaning cream


MANULIN is a powerful, deep-cleansing, oil-in-water based  emulsion, suitable for dispenser-application. MANULIN easily removes stubborn dirt, such as synthetic resins, cellulose paints, gravure printing inks, oils, even graphite oils and grease, greases, tar, bitumen, rubber streaks  etc. traditionally removed by solvent-based cleaners.

 MANULIN is primarily based on natural ingredients and contains natural cold-pressed oils and lanolin to care for the skin and maintain its moisture balance. Its deep-cleansing action is enhanced by the addition of specially formulated micro-granules.

MANULIN has been dermatologically tested and is pH-balanced as well as being environmentally friendly and using only bio-degradable contents.

MANULIN is economical to use, with only 2-3 mls being enough to clean the hands thoroughly.

Instructions for use:              

Rub a little MANULIN into dry hands to loosen the dirt.
Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.
If water is not  available, MANULIN can simply be wiped of with a cloth.

 MANULIN is available in 200 ml tube, 3 litres containers and in 10 litres pails. The tube is for use on journeys where it is useful after road side maintenance or a tyre change.

 Tube 200 ml    20 pcs. in each box
 3 litres containers  -  6 in each box  - 30 per palette
 10 litres pails  - 52 per palette.




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