Bodywork and stone chip protection

OVER 4 is a stone chip protector in black (SPS) and gray (SPG).  It is suitable for all areas of the the vehicle but is normally used to protect sills, wheel arches, spoilers and the underbody of the car which experience high wear and frequent impact damage from road debris.

OVER 4 is very resilient and stone damage and rust to these critical areas is drastically reduced.  If the aim is a Class 1 show finish then OVER 4 can be over-painted with any finishing paints of your choice.  The result is the traditional 'high gloss finish' but with appropriate protection.  For the rest of us  OVER 4 is  left as the final coat.

OVER 4 is supplied in two sizes.  The 1 litre container is for use with a normal air gun. The 500ml container is an aerosol



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