Glass Clear Protection
Vehicle and machinery coating

BP527 is a polyacrylic wax with a wide range of commercial and domestic uses.

Commercially it is used by vehicle manufacturers, including Fiat and Alfa Romeo, to provide a long term protective coating to vehicles for transport and storage. 

Machinery manufacturers use it to protect equipment during export transport and for long term storage.

 BP527 has a life of several years but can be easily and cleanly removed with its 'antidote'.

 BP527 is ideal protection for aluminium tanks, bumpers, window and door frames and the decorative chrome and aluminium on tractor units.  It provides an excellent coating for cleaned aluminium and chromed wheels.

If the aluminium is oxidised then clean it first with Gabrostone H102.  This will remove the oxidisation and return the metal to a bright surface.

BP 527 is applied with normal airless spraying equipment.  The wet film thickness is 40-60 micron and this dries to a 6-10 micron dry film in three to five minutes.   A single coating is all that is required.



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