Underbody wax
Long term flexible protection

UBS 220 is a underbody schutzwachs or protection wax, PVC free, water-based, transparent with an amber tint.  Successive coats strengthens this amber tint allowing you to be certain which areas you have sprayed  and so ensuring that everything  is properly coated.

UBS 220 maintains its flexibility indefinitely.  The original UBS 120 coatings are still in service at fifteen years and showing no change.  UBS 220 will be even longer lasting.  It is the ideal protective coating for vehicle underbodies, giving first class long term protection even in arduous conditions.

UBS 220 adheres well to steel, fertanised surfaces or painted surfaces.

UBS 220 cannot be overpainted as it is a wax based product and paints etc. will not adhere to it.  Some classic vehicle renovators need  the chassis and underside of the vehicle to appear painted.  This is easily achieved in one of two ways:
 1) Use Fertan rust converter and then apply your paint
 2) Use Fertan rust converter and then follow through with either Ferpox or Over4 and then apply your colour coats.

Available in 500ml aerosol, 1 litre tins to attach to a shutz gun and 200 litre drums

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