This DBS had been unused for a number of years in less than perfect conditions.  The body paint has been damaged by the dust cover, the engine was largely seized and mild rust had appeared throughout the engine bay.  The local engineer who is bringing this car back to running order (Ken Wilson) tells me that the engine bays were originally painted with Hammerite.

We've supplied Fertan to kill the rust.  This has been applied and shows in the photgraphs below.  Since these were taken  the Fertaned surface has been overcoated with the manufacturer's original paint to provide an original appearance.

Despite the near seized condition the engine is now up and running again without costly disassembly.  Ken specialises in older vehicles and has developed a gentle but effective compound that frees the engine without damage to the metal and rubber components.  He tells me that all it takes is time and care.

With this vehicle back on the road he'll have the time to get on with his on spare vehicle, the penultimate Jensen Interceptor, which currently collects dust effectively.  And the VW caravan.

And the MG Midget.  And....