Courtlands Road Industrial Estate

The steel frame buildings were in poor state of repair and our delivery to site coincided with day ten of cladding removal.  Previous experience by the developers caused them to choose Fertan rust converter to treat the structure of the building with Fertan Rust Converter.

In some areas this will be left as the final coating.  Steel that will be visible to the units occupiers will be painted with the developer's choice of coatings to provide a colour co-ordinated decorative finish.

The first building is fully stripped with the external wall currently left for site security.  Corrosion was general with roof longitudinals being severely effected. (see 3 below)



Inside face of mid building.



The variation in rusting seems to be independent of position or relationship to other features of the structure such as entrances.  Either varying degrees of neglect or initial preparation.



Fertan, followed by appropriate painting will give a surface with an expectation to first treatment of twenty years.



Across the site building three is being stripped.