This is one of our standard guns with a one metre flexible extension. At the end is a small brass rose that ensures that all surfaces of the cavity are coated as the hose is pulled gently backwards to its entry point.




Is it long enough?





Fertan rust converter being transferred into the spray can.  For large scale work on structural steel or steel buildings we'd fill the can but for work like this we put it in a litre at a time so the gun is light and easy to use.







The extension hose has been fed into the chassis member and is slowly pulled out, spraying as it is removed.





Same process as the back of the chassis member and the front of the wheel arches.






Working on one of the transverse chassis members.







This shows the three nozzles that are commonly used.

The top one produces a fan spray with the other two making a circular pattern with some forward throw to ensure that the ends of cavities get a good coat.





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