I'm grateful to Keith McGuire for taking the time to take and send these pictures to me and provide a little background on the boat.  Back in January 2003 Mr. McGuire purchased a small amount of Fertan to evaluate on the hull and superstructure.  When it came time to do the first major repaint in early 2004 Fertan was used for killing rust throughout the boat.


"The vessel is a modern 3 year old 10 metre steel trawler.  Used for trawling from May until November she switches to scallop dredging from November until May. The scallop dredging involves the use of nearly half a ton of ironwork each side of the boat which is dragged along the seabed. As you can imagine the use of such gear causes substantial surface abrasion to the hull and results in considerable rust formation. This is why I need a product that will help slow down the formation of rust on both the vessel's hull and superstructure. This both reduces the maintenance costs and the eventual repair costs of replacing any corroded areas of steel. I find the use of Fertan provides the protection I need when used in conjunction with quality paint finishes. Due to the nature of my job rust will always be present to some degree due to general knocks and scrapes, but the major areas that remain undamaged remain rust free for longer than would be expected without the use of Fertan. I have included a picture of the boat before painting to show the rusty nature of the surfaces after a couple of seasons hard work. The pictures of the boat after painting were taken about 4 weeks after the paint was applied. Since we are only trawling at the minute the surface damage is somewhat reduced but the Fertan has still prevented the early formation of rust."    Keith McGuire May 2004