Architectural            St. Georges Hall     Built in the 1850's this superb building
                                    has many thousands of iron staples between the stone blocks
                                    that make up its walsl. Mowlem and  Purcell Miller Tritton,
                                    working for  in collaboration with Cameron UK Services
                                    evaluated the products available and chose Fertan to protect
                                    the staples.
                                    Purcell Miller Tritton        St. George's Hall  My St. George's

Building works          Victoria Mills conversion to 100+ apartments.  How to
                                    treat 300+ floor to ceiling cast iron windows.
                                    Victoria Mill

                                    Courtlands Road Industrial Estate  Steel framed
                                     buildings in re-build.

Motor vehicles         Mini, Ron and Elaine's vehicle progresses. Mini  
                                  Aston Martin  The engine bay returns to normal.
                                    Aston Martin
                                   Porsche 356   Rust and cavity wax treatment.
                                    Porsche 356

Marine                       TS Royalist,  Commercial shipping has used Fertan
                                    since it first went into production.  One very attractive user
                                    is TS Royalist, a 29 metr brig, built of steel, operated by the
                                    Sea Cadets and maintained to Lloyds 100A1 LMC.
                                    TS Royalist  The Sea Cadets

                                   Solstice is a hard working trawler based in the IOM.