Victoria Mill

Situated in a village on the outskirts of Derby this property is being converted by Scanmoor Construction into 100+ apartments.

A feature of the the building is the fine external cast iron windows that run the full height of the floors.  They number a little over 300.  Environmental and local authority's concerns precluded shot-blasting.  The possibility of damage to the reveals also raised concerns.  After evaluation of the treatments available the managing architects and project manager chose to use Fertan Rust Converter.



The clock tower has been well maintained over the mill's life and the clock and the mill have remained a local landmark.





The building is substantial and occupies the length of the street.




    The frames show little sign of paint and the rusting varies from mild to severe.


All frames are being treated with Fertan.






Frame detail

After Fertan the windows will be rust free and the project manager can use any coating system.

Fertan is easy and safe to use and requires no training or specialist knowledge.





  North end

  With no disruption to other works this is a cost effective way of achieving, at the very least, the effectiveness of blasting, and long term protection.



Facing south.